Trimming and Caring For Your Beard

Facial hair is a great (and inexpensive) way to change up your style or to hide (or highlight) your facial features, especially if you find the right beard style for your face shape.  Knowing how to trim your beard properly is essential.  This article contains basic tips for Trimming and Caring For Your Beard.


1. Comb your beard in the direction that it grows to help reveal stray hairs that may be longer than the others.

This will help you to achieve an even, balanced trim with the Wahl Groomsman.

2. Cut the outline of your beard. Starting at your chin and working back toward your jawbone and ears, cut the outer perimeter of your jawbone underneath. Continue the line all the way up to the ear and hairline.

3. Accentuate your beard line, using the trimmer in a downward motion, with the nameplate side next to the skin. Start at the line you’ve created and, working from the chin back toward the ears, trim the area right under your beard line. Now define the upper part of your beard using the same horizontal technique. The extended tips on the Wahl Groomsman blades let you achieve al well-defined beard line – impossible to accomplish with even the best scissors or inferior clippers.

4. Trim and taper the hair ends with the patented five-position trimming guide attachment included with every Wahl Groomsman. For the best results, start at each sideburn and trim toward your chin in smooth, overlapping strokes, with the grain of your beard.handsome-man-with-beard-smiling

5. For a neater finished look, use the jawline blender included with all Wahl Groomsman beard and mustache trimmers. This unique attachment lets you blend your beard at the jawline with ease and precision.


1. Comb your mustache in the direction that it grows to reveal stray hairs and to achieve an even, balanced trim.

2. Cut the outline of your mustache holding the trimmer in a vertical position with the nameplate side facing you.

3. Blend your mustache. Holding the trimmer with the nameplate facing you, first take the long cut attachment and, starting with the middle of your mustache, lightly trim at direct angles away from the middle.

4. Taper your mustache by holding the trimmer with the nameplate facing away from you. Take a medium or short-cut attachment and, starting in the middle, follow the lip line and taper out the mustache until a gentle shape is created along the bottom.

5. Add the final definition to your mustache by holding the trimmer with the nameplate facing you and, using only the bare blades, make a definitive line at the bottom of your mustache.

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