Steve’s Psychobilly Haircut

A buddy messaged me and asked if I had any other shots of the cut I did on my client Steve yesterday, so here they are.  Steve’s Psychobilly Haircut t is a razor shaved high fade.  We cut him very short at the crown (a #2 blade) and gradually blended the crown into a few inches at the front.  We styled it by blowing it up and back and using a pea sized amount of Kevin Murphy Rough Rider Clay.  Steve is a touring musician and wanted something a little edgy, but short and easy to style (and a cut that would grow out well during his extended periods between haircuts).  Steve’s Psychobilly Haircut (which could also be labeled a Disconnected Pomp or Modified Ivy League) can be worn as shown, or down with minimal product for a more casual look.  As an alternative, a part could be shaved into the sides, as is common with this style, but Steve elected not to go with a shaved part to ensure the haircut would grow out nicely between visits.

Modified Ivy League Haircut

Steve's Psychobilly Haircut

Disconnected Pompadour Haircut