Mens Hair Trends 2017

It seems like the big beards, undercuts, and man buns are starting to fade away, thankfully.  In mens hair trends 2017, I think we’ll see a return to classic barbering — aggressively tight fades, more blending and less disconnection between the top and sides of the haircut.  I predict beards will be shorter and the clean shave will prevail in mens hair trends 2017.

I believe the prevailing trend in 2017 will be what I call the “modern gentleman” style, which is aggressively tight on the sides and back and cleanly faded into a longer top with a neat side part — similar in shape to the undercut, but with a more traditional blend.

I believe, we will all begin to see more casual styling in the coming year.  For the past few years, men’s hair has been a bit fussy with the slick pompadours and side parts, so I believe men will be looking for something a little easier and carefree, especially as we approach the warmer months.  I think we’ll see the return of the quiff, that loose pompadour style, but with aggressively short sides and back.  We’ll also see the return of some longer, shaggier styles that are swept back or parted in the center.  Conversely, I think the tight fade with a short or buzzed top will also be a popular option for guys who are looking for something easier (especially from those looking to move away from the undercut).

If you’ve been wearing the same style for a few years, the new year is a perfect time to change your hairstyle and freshen things up.

Mens Hair Trends 2017

Below are a few examples of what I believe will be hot looks for guys in 2017.

The Loose Quiff — for this style, I cut the model’s hair tight around the sides and back (a #1 blade around the ears, with a clean taper in the back).  The top is styled loosely with fingers using a bit of Baxter of California Hard Water Pomade.  Alternately, this style could be worn neat with a side part.  This style is blended with no disconnection between the sides and the top.

Loose Quiff Haircut

The Modern Gentleman — for this style, the hair is cut aggressively tight around the sides and back using a trimmer (just short of skin-tight) and tapered smoothly into the top with no lines of demarcation.  The top is cut to about three inches in length and styled with Suavecito Pomade with a neat side part.

Skin Fade with Short Top — this a great potion for a guy with wants an aggressively short haircut with just enough length on top to set it apart from a buzzcut.  For this cut, we razor shaved the sides and about 1/4 of the way up and faded the hair into about one inch length on top.

Classic Fade Haircut

The Buzzcut — this is a classic men’s style that never gets old.  For this cut, the barber took the model’s hair down to about a number two blade on top and tapered it cleanly around the sides and back.  The buzzcut done right.  For a more urban look, the front hairline could be finished with a clean outline.  This is the ultimate low-care haircut.

Buzzcut Haircut

The Long Layer Cut — for guys wanting some length to their hair, the longer layer cut (with a slightly off-center part) is a good option for 2017.

The Long Layer Cut

These are just a few of what I believe will be the hot mens hair trends 2017.  Now is a great time to change things up and freshen up your look.