JJ Hamblett Haircuts

I’m not a big fan of the hairstyles on most of the boy bands out there today and, for the most part, Union J is no exception.  I will say I really do like JJ Hamblett’s sense of style — he’s a good role model for younger folks out there.  Hence, this small gallery of  JJ Hamblett haircuts.  Lately, he’s often seen wearing some version of the pompadour, normally with a disconnected top.  For this type of style, the hair is cut aggressively short all the way up to the part, while the side opposite the part is left disconnected (which means, basically, there is a hard line with little blending).  For the side opposite the part, blending is achieved through styling — for these types of cuts, I like the blow dry the hair up and back (giving the front a little roll with the brush to create a bump).  After drying, which adds volume, I add a little pomade to my client’s hair to give shine, separation, and control.

This is a great looking formal style, which can be made less formal by running the fingers through the top for separation.  The downside to this type of haircut is that it must always be styled, otherwise it ends up looking like a half assed attempt at a bowl cut.

I came across JJ Hamblet’s haircut while researching this style for a client and thought it was kinda bad ass.  I was unfamiliar with the group, which apparently hails from the UK.  Out of curiosity, I listened to a couple of tunes and I reluctantly admit I kinda like these guys (I enjoy all forms of music from bluegrass to metal to pop, having been a radio DJ for a decade, I came to appreciate all different genres).  I really like their song Beautiful Life (which is embedded below for your enjoyment.  If you are a mop topped young guy, reading this blog post, take a cue from JJ and get your grooming on.