How to Shape Your Beard

A recent GQ article on cleaning up your beard suggests that Justin Timberlake offers a master class in how to shape your beard.  I agree.  This guy nails it!  And not a moment too soon as I believe the big lumberjack beard trend on guys is dead as fuck.  It’s time to clean up that beard and lean it down for summer.

How to Shape Your Beard

Of course how to shape your beard depends on choosing the right beard for your face shape, but as Mr. Timberlake shows in this photo, there are some great basics that apply to every to shape your beard

The beard should be neat and professionally shaped and on the full side –not too long and busy, but it shouldn’t look too fused over either.  I don’t know who JT’s barber is, but this beard trim is perfect.  First, the neckline is clipped down short and there is a very clean cut line where the jaw meets the neck.  The slight stubble below the line of the beard adds a slightly casual feel and is a great option for guys who get razor burn.  For a more formal look, the neck can be shaved with a blade, but a trimmer on the lowest setting every other day works well.  The cheeks are cleaned up a bit, but there is no hard line on the cheeks.  The mustache is clean and rests just at the top of the lips — right where it should be.  You’ll also notice the beard tapers from a short sideburn (this is about a #1 blade) to a fuller length at the chin.

Note:  If you wear a fade or any extremely short haircut with a fuller beard, the beard should gradually fade into whatever hair (or lack thereof) you have at the sides of your head.  Don’t let a lazy barber put a hard line at the sideburn!

Take a cue from Justin Timberlake on how to shape your beard — this is a timeless beard done the absolute right way.