How to Change Your Hairstyle

So, you’ve been working that same hairstyle you’ve had since high school.  Well, unless you are still in high school, it’s probably time too freshen things up a little bit.  Whether you are scared of change or simply don’t know how to change your hairstyle, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How to Change Your Hairstyle

Changing up your hairstyle is the perfect way to give yourself a fresh new look and get noticed without spending a fortune and you’d be surprised at just how effective a new haircut can be.  Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a new look.

1) Overcome the Fear of Change

Guys do all kinds of crazy stuff!  We do things like sky dive and drive motorcycles.  I’ve done a few Tough Mudder events myself.  So why is it that the thought of doing something as simple as getting a new haircut has some men running for the barbershop door?  The great thing about getting a new hairstyle is that it’s easy and not permanent.  It will always grow back… faster than it takes to heal a broken leg from that sky diving mishap.

2) Know How to Choose the Perfect Haircut 

When picking a new haircut, it is important to take factors into consideration such as how much time you want to spend styling, what is appropriate for your profession and lifestyle, and how a haircut can downplay or enhance your best features.  Your barber or stylist can certainly make suggestions, but it is important to know your face shape and what types of styles you like before going in to the barber.

3) Listen to Suggestions How to Change Your Hairstyle

It often surprises me when barbers or stylists don’t suggest new styles for their clients, but even more surprising is how many clients don’t ask!  Here’s the dealio…  Barbers and hairstylists are specifically trained to know what type of hairstyle will make the most of your facial features and work with your hair type and growth pattern. They go to school and have to pass an exam before becoming licensed to cut your hair, so pick your barber’s brain!  Many barbers and stylists (myself included) will jump at the chance to change up a client’s look!   Take their suggestions to heart and make sure they show you how to style your hair (and the right products to use) before you leave!

4) Get Encouragement from Friends and Family

Guys just don’t talk about their hair for some reason.  I’ve never heard this on the golf course, “Gee, Dave, that flattop is fabulous!  It really brings out your eyes!”  Seriously, though… don’t be afraid to ask your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or dog what they think!  Chances are, they are probably tired of looking at that same old haircut you’ve been working since college and will give you the encouragement you need to go for the change!

5) Change Your Look at the Right Time 

Now that you know how to change your hairstyle, do it at the right time.  I suggest opting for a new look right before a weekend or a vacation.  One of the things that makes a guy look handsome is his confidence and giving yourself a few days with your new look before facing your friends and c0-workers is a good idea.  Avoid changing your hairstyle right before a bit event such as a wedding or a job change.

Now, go make that appointment and change up that haircut fortheluvvaguawd!