About Haircuts for Men

Thanks for stopping by. Below are answers to questions you may have about this site. For HELP with this site, click here. If you have a specific question not answered below, please e-mail us.

Q) Why did you create this website?

A) I started Haircuts For Men because, as a barber, I became frustrated that most men have no idea how to communicate with their haircutter. Why? Because the hair industry has failed to educate and satisfy the male consumer! In most salons, men have long been considered a “niche” market and have not always received the same level of service and education female clients have come to expect. At the same time, many barbershops today fail to offer the level of service (and style) that today’s man demands. As a result, a recent survey showed that 90% of men were at least somewhat unhappy with their experience while getting a haircut. Many men believe that they can’t get a contemporary haircut in a barbershop, nor can they get a well-executed short haircut in a salon. Unfortunately, that is quite often true. So, Haircuts for Men is designed with two goals in mind: to give men a place to turn for ideas and advice and to give professional barbers and stylists more resources to help us better serve our male clients.

Q) Who owns Haircuts For Men?

A) This website (haircutsformen.org and haircutsformen.net) is owned by David Alexander. David is a licensed Master Stylist in the states of Georgia and California and can currently be found working at Shorty’s Barbershop in Los Angeles.  He is co-founder of the successful American Haircuts barbershops in Atlanta, Georgia and also the Men’s Hair Expert on About.com.

Q) Why should we take your advice?

A) Haircuts for Men was created by David Alexander is a licensed haircare professional in Georgia and California and once serviced as Vice President of a growing chain of men’s barber salons. In addition to training new barbers and stylists, he frequently attends classes and workshops to stay current on the latest trends and techniques (in haircutting and management) and is certified by a national distributor to teach product classes on behalf of American Crew.

Q) What will I find on Haircuts for Men?

A) On Haircuts for Men, you will find many examples of fine haircuts, definitions of common barber terms, hair and scalp care advice, shaving tips, and grooming tips. You can even ask Haircuts for Menfor specific advice to help you get the results you want! There is also a professional forum for barbers and stylists that offers tips on serving male clients, links to professional resources, and a message board so you can exchange ideas with other pros. My goal for Haircuts for Men is to give men the ideas and knowledge that will enable them to get the best haircut they’ve ever had!

Q) Does this cost anything?

A) This site is deisgned to educate guys on haircare and styles and always will be completely free to use and enjoy!

Q) Can you cut my hair or tell me the name and location of one of your shops?

A) If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can find me at Shorty’s Barbershop in Los Angeles. Ask for David.  Call one hour before you arrive to be put on my waiting list.

Q) Where do you get the photos on your site?

A) Many of the photos come from popular magazines and style books (many of which are not available to the general public). Some of the photos on Haircuts for Men have been sent by users and are of unknown origin. Whenever possible, under each photo in the haircut galleries you will find credits listing the haircutter, photographer, and source of the photo. In many cases, the original source publication will contain several different views of each haircut (as well as different style options and “before” shots). I encourage Haircuts for Men users to purchase the source magazines. I also strongly encourage professional barbers and stylists to purchase the style books mentioned. There are so few resources for men’s styles. If we increase demand for style books for men, the publishers will likely increase the options for us. Buy these books and make them available to your clients!

Q) One of my photos is on your site and I would really rather it not be there. Will you please remove it?

A) Certainly. I respect the rights and wishes of those whose excellent work is presented on Haircuts for Men. If an image you own appears here and you would like it removed, just let me know.

Q) Since you do not charge people to use your site, how do you pay for it?

A) Haircuts for Men is paid for banner ads placed on the site through the Google AdSense program. I do the site because it is fun for me and I enjoy sharing my passion for haircutting with people all over the world. The hair industry (and our clients) have been very good to me and this is my way of making a positive contribution to our industry and the people who make our work possible. Haircuts for Men is (and always will be) free for all to use. Users will never be charged for using the site.

Q) I would like more information on haircolor. Why is there so little color content on your site?

A) The focus of my career has been haircutting. I am not a colorist and, frankly, my knowledge of color is limited. Just a Neurologist does not perform heart surgery, I don’t do color. If you are interested in color, please ask your local barber or stylist to make recommendations for you.




Q) Some of the images and text are cut off and I can’t scroll down to them. How can I see what I’m missing?

A) The site is optimized for computers with 17″ or larger monitors set to a resolution of 1024 x 768 (you can change your monitor resolution under control panels). At this resolution, you can see all of the contents of a page if your browser is open to the maximum size. I have tried to keep all information small enough so scrollbars are not needed… I hate those damn things. Here’s a good tip in Internet Explorer: There is a button you can push right above the “Favorites” tab on the left side of your screen (looks like a little arrow pointing left) which will remove your toolbar, url bar, and links bar. This will free up about an inch of space. When finished, click the button again and your tool bars reappear!

Q) I’m viewing your site through AOL and some of the images and text are cut off and I can’t scroll down to them. How can I see what I’m missing?

A) AOL is a screen hog, ain’t it?! Especially when using the built-in browser. While connected to AOL, launch an independent copy of Netscape or Internet Explorer and you should be able to see everything. For additional information, please see the question above this one.

Q) I’ll be old and dead before your pages load. How can I make it load faster?

A) I’ve tried to design pages that will load in under 30 seconds on a 56K connection (except the Archive pages and that does take a long time because it is very image intensive). If the pages take longer to load, you may have a bad connection. Isn’t it about time you switched to Cable or DSL anyway?

Q) I’ve noticed a few dead links. How do I let you know about them?

A) Please send me an e-mail with the page and link that is dead to webmaster@haircutsformen.org

I hope this answers your questions. If not, e-mail me with a specific problem and I’ll try to fix it (send a screen-shot if you can). E-mail:webmaster@haircutsformen.org

Haircuts For Men is free for all to use and enjoy. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our user agreement. Please read ourprivacy policy. Special thanks to those whose work appears here!

If you have questions not answered here, please e-mail me at webmaster@haircutsformen.org.


David (Buzz!)

P.S. I would like to thank everyone for the positve support and feedback you’ve given me regarding this project. I would especially like to thank Butch, Rick, Harvey, Ed, Stacy, Ron, and Ethan for the wonderful advice and contacts. Finally, I would like to personally thank the barbers, stylists, models, artists, and photographers whose work appears on Haircuts for Men. Your talent and creativity have made this site possible.

This site is dedicated to my late mother, Betty Jane, who was killed in a house fire in January 2000. I started this site after her death as a way to keep my mind occupied. I never realized that people would actually use the site as much as they have and I’ve made many friends worldwide as a result of Haircuts for Men. Sometimes good things can happen as a result of a tragic event. After you finish your visit to Haircuts for Men, please do two things for me. 1) Check your smoke detectors. They may save your life one day. 2) Call your mother and let her know how much you love her. Thanks. — David (Buzz!)