How to Get a Clean Hair Part

These days that clean part is all the rage, but many guys just can’t seem to get it right and the part ends up crooked, in the wrong place, or at an angle. For those looking for that crisp look, here is how to get a clean hair part.

How to Get a Clean Hair Part

Step One: Get the Right Haircut

Before you try to figure out how to get a clean haircut, the first step is to get the right haircut in the first place. Generally, you’ll want to go with a classic, tapered haircut with short sides and a longer top, which will also give you some styling options, and give you a solid, masculine shape. Don’t have your barber shave a part in your hair. This is nonsense and will look like hell after a week or two of growth. If you know how to get a clean hair part, you shouldn’t need one shaved into your noggin.

Step Two: Find the Natural Part

Most people have a natural part to their hair and it is relatively easy to find. Hair normally grows at a somewhat circular pattern radiating outward from the crown (your crown is that swirly bit of hair at the top and back of your head and is often called a “cowlick”). To find the direction of your crown, stand with your back to a mirror. Taking a hand mirror, look at the back of your head in the mirror behind you. You should notice the directionality of the crown. Normally, your hair will part more naturally if you comb in in the direction of that growth. Often, if you want additional height on top, you can part your hair against the growth pattern.

Next, you can also find the natural part after you have washed your hair and combing it straight foreward while the hair is still wet. Wait about ten seconds and hair should start to separate somewhere close to the natural part. clean-side-part

If you can part your hair in the direction it grows and somewhere close to the natural part, this is the best way to know how to get a clean hair part. But, before you do that….

Step Three: Choose the Best Part for your Face Shape

When deciding where to part your hair, face shape is a big factor and may require you to part your hair somewhere outside your natural part. Genrally speaking, a deep side part (one that is lower on the head) works well for most every head shape. Here are the general guidelines:

  • For a Round or Square Face, part your hair with a deep side part as this will help give the illusion your face is a bit longer and provide balance. For those with a square face, the deep side part will minimize the square angles of the forehead and jawline. For the round face, the deep side part will help give the hair some shape and provide balances to the roundness of the face.
  • For a heart shaped face, a middle parting can help elongate the face, which is typically wider at the cheeks if your hair is long. If you have shorter hair, stick with a side part and allow the hair to cover some of your forehead to give balance and thin out the face a bit.
  • For the oval face, congratulations, you can part your hair anywhere you damn well please because you’re not having to balance your face shape.

Step Four: How to Get a Clean Hair Part

My favorite method of getting a clean part is to make sure the hair is damp and that you have already applied your styling product (right after the shower is perfect). Use a wide tooth comb and comb all of the hair straight forward. Once you have done this, your hair should be separated out into small rows.

Next, pick the row that is closest to the spot where you want your part to be. Hold the comb parallel to the rows in your hair and insert the teeth of the comb into that row. Now, rake the comb across the top of your head and then reinsert the comb in the part line and comb the remaining hair down. You should now have a clean part in your hair. If you’ve messed it up, simple comb the hair forward again and repeat.

Once you have the part where you want it, comb the hair on the top up and back, starting from the front, without getting into the part line. Comb hair on the sides back and you are golden. Now that you know how to get a clean side part, you should now have a clean, classic style with a crisp side part.