Colton Dixon’s Haircut

So, I haven’t had much time to watch American Idol this year, but while I was flipping around the other night, I came across Colton Dixon on the TV screen. I kinda like his haircut — a wide mohawk with a patch dyed in the front. Certainly, as a 40ish year old white dude with thinning hair, I couldn’t pull it off. If I was a little younger, say 22, I’d rock that look in a second.

Yeah, you might think it’s odd that I like Colton’s cut — but look at it from my perspective. As a guy who spends endless hours each week doing “regular” haircuts on guys, I’m often drawn to cuts which are more creative. Hell, I don’t get to have fun with the clippers very often. If you’re ever in Atlanta and need something different, look me up at .

Photo courtesy of Michael Becker | Fox Television. American Idol airs each week on Fox.

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