Best Shaving Creams

Yes, as a barber and online hair and shaving guru, I’ve tried so many shaving creams I’ve lost track.  This list of best shaving creams highlight my five favorite creams — check back as I update this list whenever I discover something new and amazeballs.

Best Shaving Creams

Dreadnought Luxury Shaving Cream

Some of the best shaving cream on the planet comes from the UK (my favorites are the classics like Truefitt & Hill and Geo. F. Trumpers).  This spunky new startup is really producing some great stuff!  Dreadnought Luxury Shaving Cream (known as Bluebeards Revenge outside the US) is on par with the best English shaving creams and offers rich later and exceptional lubrication and it’s paraben free.  The product also contains a proprietary ingredient called “decelerine” which the manufacturer claims will help slow the growth of your beard.  While I can’t back up that claim, even it it doesn’t do that, this is still a fine shaving cream which can be used with or without a brush.  A 3.4 ounce jar is $16 on Amazon.  BUY NOW!

Suavecito Premium Blends Shaving Creme

I really love the Suavecito products!  Based in California, Suavecito makes some of the best pomades on the market at prices that simply cannot be beat!  Their new Suavecito Premium Blends Shaving Cream is exceptional.  It provides superior lubrication  and smells amazing (the Sandlewood is my favorite).  The cream contains nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Grape Seed Oil and Menthol and comes in a traditional aluminum tube and retro looking box. BUY NOW!

Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shave Cream

Truefitt & Hill has been operating a barbershop on St. James Street in London since 1805 — they’ve shaved kings and princes and celebrities.  Yeah, they kinda know what they are doing and their shaving cream is really what turned me on to the whole English shave lather thing in the first place and it is one of the best shaving creams in history. The Truefitt & Hill 1805 Shaving Cream creates a rich, luxurious lather and has plenty of great lubrication for a close, smooth shave. While their most popular 1805 Shaving Cream has a very clean, fresh fragrance, their Lavender Shaving Cream is one of my personal favorites with it’s rich, earthy fragrance. This product works well with or without a shaving brush.  BUY NOW!

Geo F Trumper Rose Shaving Cream

shaving-techniqueOne might say that it is, perhaps, a tad less masculine to start your morning smelling like a rose, but I say to them, “bullshit!”  Geo F. Trumper has been making all sorts of shaving cream varieties for over 100 years, and the Geo F Trumper Rose Shaving Cream is the real deal.  It smells earthy and inviting — like a real fresh rose.  In fact, the rose fragrance has been the preferred shaving cream variety of royalty for over a century
.  One whiff and you will know why.  The performance is this cream is on par with anything on this page and, if you don’t like rose, they offer several other fragrances as well.  And don’t worry, the fragrance doesn’t linger after you wash it off, so you won’t walk around smelling like a rose all day.  Warning!!  Hide this from your wife or girlfriend because she will steal this shit from you!!!  Seriously, you’re gonna need to lock it a way. BUY NOW

Duke Cannon Superior Grade Shaving Cream 6oz

I gotta say, I really love the folks over at Duke Cannon Supply Company.  Their products are seriously good and they are serious about supporting our men and women in uniform and donate a portion of each sale to support veteran causes.  So, that’s good, but is the shaving cream good, too?  Damn, right it is or it wouldn’t be on this page. It’s got all kinds of goos stuff in it aloe vera to help hear your skin, shea butter to hydrate your mug, and macadamia nut oil for a super slick shaving surface.  Smells like accomplishment!  While you are on Amazon, pick up a Duke Cannon Ammo Can Gift Set which contains shaving cream and a few Big Ass Bricks of Soap in a real military ammo box.   BUY NOW!

Now, pick up one of these best shaving creams and give your mug a great shave with less irritation.  Check this page often as I’ll update the page whenever I come across some stuff that deserves to be on this list!