Best Razors

The type of razor you shave with is a very personal choice  — some guys want all the bells and whistles (and blades!!) of the mass-market razors, while some prefer the simplicity of the double-edge razor.  I’ve tried dozens of razors of all types and these are the best razors I’ve found yet.

Best Razors

Check back often, as I will update this article and new products and discoveries come to my attention and deserve to be included in this list of best razors.

Harry’s Truman Razor

This is my favorite mass-market razor in that it performs on par with the other five-blade razors, but it also looks great and is priced VERY competitively.  Harry’s razors have been recently updated with a new textured and weighted handle and a shaving cartridge that is more flexible and now has a trimmer blade on top.  Originally only available at Harry’s website, the razors and cartridges are now available on Amazon and at Target stores nationwide.  If you are looking for a five blade razor that looks great, performs well, and is very reasonably priced, then Harry’s may be what you are looking for.  They have managed to balance price and style incredibly well. BUY NOW!Harry's Razors

Gillette Fusion Proshield Men’s Razor with Flexball Handle

Well, I think the Gillette Fusion Proshield Men’s Razor with Flexball Handle name isn’t really long enough is it?  This razor is probably my favorite of the mass-market razors.  It offers a five-blade cutting surface (with a sixth trimmer blade on the back of the razor) on a paintbrush style handle (the style originally introduced with the Gillette Mach III).  The ProGlide takes the Fusion concept o the next level by offering sharper blades and an updated cartridge design that provides a lubrication strip before and after the blades.  Finally!  I never understood the point of having lubrication strips after the blades (except that it looks good in the advertising campaigns).  The downside to this razor (unlike the similar Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s Razors) is that the blades can be very expensive.  BUY NOW!

Merkur Heavy Duty Classic Razor

For those into the old-school double-edge razor shave, the Merkur Heavy Duty Classic Safety Razor is the real damn deal!  Shaving with a DE razor has advantages — they are great for sensitive skin, they shave extremely close, and the blades are super inexpensive.  I’m talking like a 300 pound canary… “CHEAP!”  Unlike mass-market razors that allow you to shave your face in under a minute, you have to slow down a bit and use a bit more care with a classic safety razor, but once you do, you’ll get a shave that rivals a straight razor shave and save a ton of money.  I recommend the excellent Personna Double Edge Razor Blades which are… wait for it… $0.13 per blade.  Yes, you read that right.  THIRTEEN CENTS.   BUY NOW!

Schick Hydro 5 Razor

There is a huge pissing contest between Gillette and Schick these days and it seems like each company is trying to see just how many damn blades they can cram onto one razor.  We don’t really need more than two or three blades, so this is more marketing hype than real innovation.  The Schick Hydro 5, Schick’s answer to the Gillette Fusion, performs nearly as well as the Fusion and has a similar “paintbrush” style head with a five blade cutting surface and a single blade trimmer on the back.  The main advantage of the Schick offering is that, for those seeking a great shave on a budget, the Hydro 5’s blades can be found for nearly half the cost of the similar Fusion ProGlide Blades.  BUY NOW!

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo

The Gillette Mach 3 Razor was actually a pretty revolutionary back in the day — the “paintbrush” style head was something entirely new for the shaving industry. The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo is my favorite incarnation of the Mach 3 razor. Unlike some the five and six blade razors on the market right now, the trusty Mach3 has just the right amount of blades and the cartridge is still small enough to maneuver around tight spaces like under the nose and around the mouth.  While I’m currently using the Fusion Turbo Power Hyperglide Trackball Extra Lubricant Six Blade Super Deluxe Power Razor, I find myself going back to the Mach3 quite a bit (although I do love those blades on my beautiful Edwin Jagger Ebony Razor with Nickel Plated Collar).  BUY NOW!

King of Shaves HyperGlide Razor

So, this bitch is from the future and it is one strange looking razor.  For many companies, it seems, innovation means adding another blade to the razor cartridge, but the King of Shaves folks re-thought the razor entirely with the King of Shaves Hyperglide System Razor.  I will admit, I was skeptical when I came across this thing — a razor which promises an amazing shave without shaving cream (because of it’s patented hyperglide super hydrophilic cartridge coating technology, whatever that means).  Instead of a lubrication strip behind the blade, this razor has a lubrication strip around the entire blade and, when wet, creates a very slick surface.  But you MUST keep your face and the razor wet wet wet to activate the lubrication (which should be good for a few weeks worth of shaving.  The shaving cartridge is HUGE, but it does have a trimmer blade for this hard to reach spaces.  It didn’t really give me a super-close shave, but I wasn’t expecting much.  I have to admit I was kind impressed with this $6 razor. BUY NOW!