A Review of Harry’s Razors

In my recent review of Harry’s razors here on Haircuts for Men, I stated, “The large head of the razor did make it a bit hard to maneuver around tight spaces and the blades are so close together, I found they had a tendency to clog more, requiring more frequent rinsing. The handle, with its absence of texture, can also be a tad hard to hold onto. They are also only available online at harrys.com, which is fine, but I’d love to see them available at my neighborhood Target.” I also expressed similar concerns on a review I did for About.com, where I also offered my opinion that the large razor cartridge should have a trimmer blade on top for getting at hard to reach places.  Well, those reviews were based on the first incarnation of Harry’s razors. I think they were listening. Since the original Harry’s Razor was released, they’ve made a few changes, so let me update you with a new review of Harry’s razors.

A Review of Harry’s Razors

Getting a good shave at home used to be expensive, but companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, with their cheaper subscription based blade services, have really shook up the competition. They have proven that you can manufacture and sell a quality razor at a competitive and affordable price. The thing I love about Harry’s above all of the other subscription and mass-market razors is that they have managed to create a product that gives as good a shave as anything out there, but still looks great.

The Handle

I’ve been testing out the latest incarnation of Harry’s Truman Men’s Razor in Navy Blue (as I did with my first round of reviews) and I’m still loving the handsome, understated look of the razor. Unlike Gilette and some of the others that try to cram as many fins and ridges and orange plastic thingys on the handle as possible, Harry’s razors are clean, simple and elegant. This is the nicest $9 razor handle you can buy. Since the original razor was released, they have updated the handle with some ridges and a nice rubberized texture, which makes this razor much easier to hold (and I think it looks nicer than the original). I don’t have my original Truman handy for comparison, but the handle feels like it possibly has a better weight to it as well.A Review of Harry's Razors

The Harry’s Truman handle is available in orange, blue, and green. There is also a polished chrome version (which can be engraved) for $20.

The Blades

They blades are pretty exceptional, too, and priced very well. If you order a 16 pack for $28 (for me that would be an entire year’s worth of blades), each cartridge is $1.75. By comparison, an 8 pack of the comparable Gillette Fusion ProGlide blades on Amazon is around $27 (or $3.37 per blade). In my tests of the Harry’s blade, it performs every bit as well as the competition, for a much better price.

In comparison, the cartridge looks familiar to the Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades (and other five blade cartridges) in that there are five blades on the cutting surface, a row of rubber fins which help lift the hairs, and a lubrication strip on top (more on that in the next paragraph). I still contend that razor manufacturers are simply in a pissing contest to cram as many blades into the cartridge as possible and Harry’s follows suit with five blades, which are close together and will need to be rinsed more frequently. From a marketing standpoint, they kinda had to put five blades on the shaving surface, but I’d love to see this with one or two less blades — the shave, I imagine, would still be just as good, making the cartridge easier to rinse. That said, the blades are super sharp and I’ve experienced zero irritation after shaving with Harry’s blades.

Let me pause the review and talk about those lubrication strips. They are pointless, in my opinion, as most companies put the lubrication strip on the top of the blade, meaning the lubrication comes after the stroke. Why bother, unless you’ll be going over the same patch of skin multiple times. Plus, if you use a good shave cream, lubrication shouldn’t be an issue. Gillette did actually add a lubrication strip before the blades on their latest (huge and wildly overpriced) Gillette Fusion Proshield Blades (which are almost $4 per cartridge). Again, with a great shaving cream, you won’t need the lubrication strip. I think they should eliminate that little waste of space and make the cartridge smaller.  But I digress…

Harry’s has also revised their cartridge to include a little trimmer blade on top. This comes in extremely handy for getting into hard to reach places (like under the nose) and for edging up beards and sideburns. The cartridge is also a bit more flexible than the original offering and follows the contours of the face nicely without too much added pressure.

The Shaving Cream

For a fair comparison, I always test razors using my favorite shaving cream (Geo F Trumper Rose Shaving Cream), but I have tried the shaving cream Harry’s sends out with their starter kit and it’s as good as most mass-market shaving gels. The lubrication, for many guys, will be adequate to get an irritation free shave and it smells great. Plus, at around $4, it’s certainly a reasonably priced upgrade from a lot of the stuff you’ll find at the supermarket, but, it ain’t gonna make me switch from my traditional English shave cream anytime soon.

Now Available at Target

While I like the savings of the shaving clubs like Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club, I’m the kinda guy who buys blades when I need them. Some seasons I shave more often and require more frequent blade changes, sometimes I don’t shave as much. Harry’s has solved that problem by offering their products for purchase at Target (for what appears to be the same price as they offer on Harry’s website), so you can pick them up whenever you need them. I think Target and Harry’s are a really good fit. I shop at Target (as opposed to Walmart) because they are a little cleaner and nicer while still offering great prices. Harry’s offers a razor that is clean and uncluttered at a very reasonable price as well.

The Bottom Line

With the latest revisions to the Harry’s line, I am giving them my highest endorsement and putting them on the top of my list of best razors on the market. The razors look and feel great and perform well. When combined with proper shaving technique, you’ll get a close and comfortable shave that won’t break the bank. Their set even comes with a pretty nice blade cover (great for traveling). I’m tossing my Gillette Fusion Proglide under the bathroom counter. I’m wild about Harry’s.

Now, when is Harry’s going to start selling an attractive and affordable shaving brush?