Zayn Malik's Gray Hair

I like this guy — he’s not afraid to change things up a bit.  First, the teen girls everywhere lost their shit when Zayn Malik shaved his head and now he’s starting a new trend with his gray dye job. I’m not sure how I feel about this trend.  Men have been trying to hide their […]


This is a gallery of random haircuts I’ve done over the years on my clients at American Haircuts — I’ve included no notes or anything.  If you like a cut, print it out and take it to your barber. So yeah, you can trust the advice you find here on Haircuts For Men — as you […]

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Haircut

So this may be the best I’ve seen Ryan Reynolds look.  For Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut, he buzzed off his longer style.  This cut is pretty much  classic Ivy League haircut with a more texturized top. For this style, his hair is cut high and tight up the sides and back with a number one blade […]


  The shock!  The horror!  First Zayn Malik leaves One Direction and now he’s done the unthinkable — he’s shaved his head.  Zayn is never afraid to try a new look and we have to say we’re not really opposed to his new hairstyle, or lack thereof.  The cut is a #1 buzzcut with a […]


World Record Head Shaving!  On April 9th, 2014, I had the honor of representing the St. Baldrick’s Foundation on the Today Show on NBC where, on behalf of the foundation, I broke the Guinness World Record for shaving the most heads in a single hour.  The previous record was 72 heads in a single hour and […]


I’m not a big fan of the hairstyles on most of the boy bands out there today and, for the most part, Union J is no exception.  I will say I really do like JJ Hamblett’s sense of style — he’s a good role model for younger folks out there.  Hence, this small gallery of […]

A flawless men's tight tapered haircut

Once in awhile I just see a haircut that makes me say, “Damn.  That’s perfect.” This is one of those haircuts — complete perfection — a flawless tight taper.  A classic short men’s haircut.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt the case that the model is flawless himself.  This haircut is an aggressively tight taper with […]


This is the very first instructional video. In the future, we’ll be tweaking the lighting and background, but we’re pretty happy with the way the first one turned out.


Patrick’s got a great head of hair for this modified pompadour. We used a 000 blade on the sides and back and took it short high up the head, leaving a line of demarcation between the short sides and long top (the line disappears with styling). The top is about four inches long and styled […]

Classic Pompadour

Today was the first time I’ve cut Seth Loeb’s hair — and I’m glad he came in. This classic pompadour looks great on him. We clippereed the hair aggressively short on the sides and back with an emphasis on clean lines. The hair on top, which is about seven inches long, is styled back with […]


I’m not sure who this guys is, but I think a shaved head can really make a strong set of eyes really pop (especially blue or green eyes).  Of course, it helps to have a face and head shape that looks great with a shaved head, too.  The lack of hair really draws attention to […]

Random Haircut

Bald Fade Pompadour